Welcome to Regulatory Guidance and Design LLC, providing monitoring and consulting services about Wisconsin's building-related regulatory programs.

Hello, my name is Robert DuPont. From 1995 to December 2009, I was the Director of Program Development in the Safety and Buildings Division of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. In that position I worked to promote public safety relative to the constructed environment.

My focus now is to work with associations and organizations to further develop and improve the delivery of building regulatory services in Wisconsin. The vehicle for such improvement is the Alliance for Regulatory Coordination, an inclusive industry-wide consortium of professional, trade, advocacy, and government associations and organizations working together to improve regulatory services in Wisconsin.

The Alliance is focused mainly on the management and operation of the Industry Services Division of the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, although it is available to address other regulatory agencies as well.

The Alliance is also focused on supporting the Wisconsin Building Safety Network, a network of building and fire officials throughout Wisconsin, affiliated to promote safety and health in the built environment.

Commitments of the Alliance are:
  1. Promote better coordination between state and municipal building-related regulatory programs.
  2. Promote contemporary administration of building-related regulatory programs.
  3. Work together to identify, prioritize and communicate shared concerns and recommended solutions.
  4. Help grow public trust in building-related regulatory agencies and programs.
  5. Support the Wisconsin Building Safety Network (WBSN).
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